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July 22, 2015
6 x 15 Watt Bulb Oven E14 Pygmy
July 22, 2015

Aquarius Birthstone Keyring Agate


Birthstones Agate Aquarius

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Aquarius: 21st January – 19th February. Birth Stone: Agate The Eleventh House (ruled by Saturn & Uranus) Element: Air Aquarians make excellent friends as they are understanding and faithful.They are complex characters, original and magnetic. They can appear eccentric at times and have lively traits.Positive Traits: Unassuming, Courteous, Artistic, Imaginative, Gentle, Lenient. Negative Traits: Apologetic, Irrational, Changeable, Self Pitying, Hypersensitive. Key Phrase: I belong to the family of man. (The Water Carrier)



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