Ammonite Fossils Keyring from Brazil
July 22, 2015
Amethyst Point Gemstone Keyring from Brazil 100% Natural Gemstone
July 22, 2015

1x Citrine Point Gemstone Keyring from Brazil 100% Natural Crystal


1x Citrine Point Keyring

AAA Grade Quality Citrine Keyring Hand Picked Natural & Genuine Crystal from Brazil.

We Won’t Beaten on Crystal Quality, Product Quality, Design Quality, Shape Quality and Packaging Quality.

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Citrine: Understood to help those who feel they have lost their way in life to find a new sense of direction and purpose.Attracts self-worth, dissolves emotional blocks. Also said to help in cases of poor circulation and to strengthen immune system and aid tissue regeneration. Improves the quality of life. sometimes bringing prosperity. Reduces harmful effects from electrical products.

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