Globe Pink Salt Candle T Light Holder
November 5, 2015
3 x White Cube Cylinder Natural Salt Candle Holder
March 31, 2016

Fluorite Candle Holder Natural Rough


Natural Rough Shape Fluorite  Tea Light & Candle Holder from Brazil.

Best Quality Natural Fluorite Crystal and Candle Holder.

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Fluorite Natural Tea Light and Candle Holders from Brazil.

Fluorspar, Powerful healer, it grounds, balances and focuses one’s energies. Helps heal holes in one’s auras where energy is drained. Aids physical and mental healing. Strengthens bone tissue, especially teeth enamel. Relieves dental disease. Pneumonia and viral inflammation.

Approximate Size:

Height: 6cm – Width: 8 cm

Product Code :CA00131

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8 cm

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