Salt Lamp Grey Pyramid LED 1-2kg
May 16, 2019
LED Powered Salt Lamp Pyramid Pink 1-2kg USB
May 16, 2019

USB Powered White Salt Lamp Pyramid 1-2kg


USB Powered White Pyramid Salt Lamp 1-2kg Himalayan White Pyramid Crystal Salt Therapeutic Night Light. Included White USB Cable 1.5m & Led Light 3 Watt Bulb.
You can use these salt lamps from any USB port/USB adapter and phone charger.
Creates a Calm Cool & Relaxing Atmosphere and Romantic Night Light Each and Every Lamp and Candle Holder Carefully Hand Carved.

Crystals, minerals and gems are unique wonders of nature, many are millions of years old. To marvel at their beauty, from and colours is alone a healing experience.

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Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp White 1-2kg USB Crystal White Salt Therapeutic Night Light. Included White USB Cable 1.5m & Led Light 3Watt.
You can use these salt lamps from any USB port/USB adaptor and phone charger.
Approx Weight: 1-2kg – Approx Height: 16cm – Approx Width:  11cm
Electrical fittings fully comply with all CE electrical safety standard.
260 million years of Himalayan rock salt crystal history transformed into a unique work of art for your health and wellbeing.
Salt Lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions in the air.
Salt Crystal & Quartz Crystal Products- Only for indoor use
Keep in dry environment at all the time.
All sizes, shapes, weights and colours quoted or illustrated on our website may vary or approximate.

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