Pyramid Salt Lamp USB Powered Pink 1-2kg
May 16, 2019
White Salt Lamp Natural LED 2kg
May 10, 2022

Pink Salt Crystal Lamp Natural LED 2kg


LED Pink Natural Salt Lamp Himalayan 1.5 – 2kg USB Powered.  Very Economical to Run Night Light.

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Pink Natural Salt Lamp Himalayan 1.5 – 2kg USB Powered Included USB Powered Cable 1.5m Led Light.
Approx Weight: 1.5kg – 2kg – Approx Height: 15cm  –  Approx Width: 11cm – USB Cable length: 1.5m
Electrical fittings: Our electrical fittings are fully comply with all CE electrical safety standards
260 million years of Himalayan salt crystal history transformed into a unique work of art for your health and wellbeing.
Creates a Calm Cool & Relaxing Atmosphere – Each and Every Lamp & Candle Holder Carefully Hand Carved
Health benefits:  – Even in ‘normal’ times, the stresses of our busy lives can create health problems, which we normally call “mental health problems” but, as we all know, poor mental health is really just poor health, and we need to do what we can to protect ourselves from all health problems.
And, these are not ‘normal’ times and the extra stresses resulting from the global pandemic affect all of us.
And our salt crystal lamps can help because they produce a soft, warm glow that’s both positive and relaxing.  Our lamps are recommended by numerous Feng Shui Experts as well as by leading architects because they improve our working and living environments.
This beautiful lamp creates a soft, soothing, and relaxing light that’s perfect for your living room, bedroom, meditation room, exercise room, study room, and office. The natural substances contained in salt crystal minerals determine the wonderful look of the crystal. For example, iron imparts a red tone and manganese contributes yellow and orange.
About us:
Our Himalayan natural rock salt crystal lamps are made from crystals that have lain below ground for around 260 million years.
Once mined, the crystals are fashioned entirely by hand, not in a factory but in small village workshops where the highly skilled craftsman use their age-old traditional skills to produce work of outstanding natural beauty.
Because all of the work is carried out by hand, and because the crystals from which the lamps are made are themselves variable, each lamp is unique in design, color, and weight.
We operate a strict fair trade policy, which ensures much better working conditions and wages for the people who carry out this challenging, highly skilled work. We do not allow any children to be involved and we do everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our workers.
Other things that you need to know:
Because this product is made by hand from natural materials, sizes, shapes, weights, and colors can vary. It is suitable for indoor use only, must be kept in a dry environment. 
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Salt Crystal Lamp 100% Natural










LED Economical Low Cost to Run

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