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July 22, 2015
Sole Salt Chunks Pink Himalayan 3kg
July 22, 2015

Natural Ceramic Drink Cubes (3-pack)


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Natural Drinks Cubes 9 Ceramic

Chill your drinks without ice

Cools your favorite spirit without diluting the taste.

Set includes 9 ceramic drinks cubes and unique storage pouch. Pure white cut from ceramic stone easy to use, just rinse and place back in freezer for use time and time again. Chills your favourite drink without dilution. Will not water down and weaken the taste of your drink. Can be used in any drink from spirits to fresh orange juice. Gift Pack

“Whisky on the ceramic stones- keep cool without water”

Exclusive drinks cube gift pack

Unit Price £6.50 RRP £15.99 (Sold Pack of 3)


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