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Pink Rose Quartz Lamp From Brazil


Rose Quartz Lamp with an attached wooden base from Brazil. Included 3Pin UK Plug Cable + 15Watt Bulb.

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is the love stone! Adds positive love energy to relationships. Compassion and forgiveness. Calming, helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy, fears. Replaces negativity with harmony.

Useful for Positive Energy, Healing, Meditation, Peace of Mind, Chakra Balancing & Concentration.

Crystals, Minerals and gems are unique wonders of nature, many are millions of years old. To marvel at their beauty, from and colours is alone a healing experience.

We have mentioned approx size, size may vary in length and width | These are natural stones, so the product you might receive can be slightly vary from the image . Wood Base Shape and Colour may vary.

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Finest Grade Quality Hand Picked Genuine, Original and Natural Rose Quartz Pink Crystal Lamp Electric Light Attached Wood Base from Brazil.

Price includes rose quartz lamp, electrical fittings with UK 3Pin plug and 15w bulb.

All electrical components comply with CE European safety standards.

Rose Quartz – Claimed to be one of the best stones to use in the treatment of migraines and headaches. Calms emotions, helps suffering due to emotional trauma, gives inner peace. A very healing stone for inner wounds, it promotes forgiveness, love and friendship and makes one more receptive to beauty. The Venus stone it also increases fertility.

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink variety of the mineral quartz. The colour is thought to be due to traces of manganese within the crystal, Rose Quartz usually occurs in “massive” form with crystals being very rare. Rose Quartz famously comes from Madagascar and Brazil.

Birth Stone: Rose Quartz – TAURUS – 21st April – 21st May

The Second House (ruled by Venus) Element: Earth

Key Phrase: I need to see what I am.

Taureans are very loyal, sensible and reliable, but need security and routine in their lives. They are passionate lovers but can be very possessive and stubborn.

Positive Traits: Sincere, Reliable, Stable, Faithful, Solid, Dependable.

Negative Traits: Obsessive, Intransigent, Possessive, Naïve, Obstinate and Plodding.

Approx weight: 1.5-2.5kg

Height: 16cm  – Width: 9cm

Price:£42.99 – RRP:£75

Item Code:RQCL111

Due to the nature of all crystals products all sizes, shapes, weights and colours quoted or illustrated on our website are approximate or may vary.

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1.5 – 2kg






Rose Quartz



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