Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp with Plastic Feet Small 2-3kg LA691
June 7, 2013
Metal Candle Stand
July 22, 2015

Salt Lamp Starter Pack New Business


Starter Pack for New Business 16 Best Hot Selling Items Little Investment £99.99 Big Returns £244

Sell in House Parties, Tea Parties, Mind Body Show, Health Show. Earn Extra Income. Exclusive Designs Specialists.

We Won’t Beaten on Crystal Quality, Product Quality and Packaging Quality.

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Starter Pack Hottest & Fastest Top & Best 15 Selling Products Worth Wholesale Price Little Investment £99.99  Big Returns £244

Limited Special Offer While Stock Last – Amazing Deal

Highest & Finest AAA Grade Himalayan Salt Quality. Hand Pick Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunks & Hand Carved Lamps and Candle Holders.

The Name You Can Trust – Himalayan Pink Salt Products.

2x Fire Bowl Salt Lamp Basket Att/Wood Base RRP £35.00

3x Salt Lamp Natural Attached Wood Base 1-2kg RRP £54.00

3x Hand arved Salt Candle Holder 700g-800g CA999 RRP each £8.00.

3x Salt Candle Holder Rough 300g-400g CA 400 RRP each £7.00

1x Yin and Yang Design Pink & White RRP £25.50

1x Whisky on the Rocks 9 Ceramic Cubes  RRP    £9.99

1x Food Grade Fine Salt Granules Poly Bag 1kg  RRP £10.00

1x Angel of North Handmade Marble – Onyx   RRP £25.00

1x Gel Glass Candle Holder with Gemstones May Vary RRP £9.99

All sizes, weights and colours quoted or illustrated on our website may vary or approximate.

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