Pink Salt Stone Ball Body Deodorant
July 22, 2015
White Salt Crystal Egg Body Deodorant Salt Minerals (3-pack)
July 22, 2015

3 x Natural Body Deodorant Stick Salt Minerals


White Himalayan Salt Crystal Stick
3 x 100% Natural & Pure Himalayan Salt Minerals. Natural body deodorant crystal.
The Name You Can Trust – Himalayan Pink Salt Products.
Unbeatable Crystal Salt Quality and Product Shape Quality.
Highest & Finest AAA Grade Himalayan Salt Quality. Hand Pick Himalayan Crystal Salt Chunks & Hand Carved Lamps and Handcrafted Candle Holder.
We are Expert & Specialize in Himalayan Crystal Salt Products Since 1998.

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Stick Shape Natural Body Deodorant Himalayan Salt Crystal with Poly Bag
100% Natural & Pure Himalayan Salt Minerals
Natural body deodorant crystal.
Simply apply to Wet Skin.
Apply the deodorant salt crystal by simply dabbing or gently gliding along your skin. Do not apply in the traditional way soap bar is rubbed against the body
Very Gentle on Sensitive Skin
No Alcohol
Save Money – Very Economical
100% Pure
Lasts for Months
Excellent for Banishing Foot Odour.
The stone may break if dropped onto a hard surface such as a washbasin or bathtub.
The natural crystal deodorant for people who care
Crystal is recommended by professionals and is ideal for people with sensitive skin. The harmful bacteria that causes bodily odour is eliminated with just one application. Simply apply to wet skin – A tiny amount of the crystal will dissolve and cover your skin with an invisible microscopic film that eliminates the bacteria which cause body odour, providing you with complete protection for 24 hours or until you next wash.
Deodorant are completely safe to use because they contain only non-toxic minerals and are the purest from of deodorant available.
Save money-very economical 100% Pure
Approx weight: 240g-260g
Height: 10cm
Width: 4cm
Sold in packs of 3
All sizes, weights and colours quoted or illustrated on our website may vary or approximate.

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