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July 22, 2015
Key Ring Leo Birthstone Tiger Eye
July 22, 2015

Keyring Virgo Birthstone Carnelian


Virgo: 24th August – 22nd September: Birth Stone: Carnelian. Birthstones Keyrings from Brazil

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Virgo: 24th August – 22nd September: Birth Stone: Carnelian

The Sixth House (ruled by Mercury) Element: Earth. Virgoans are workers, practical and neat in every way. They can be perfectionists and critical of others. They are also very genuine people who tend to worry. Positive Traits: Painstaking, Analytical, Studious, Considerate, Discriminating. Negative Traits: Self-effacing, Prone to Worry, Detached, Sceptical, Cynical. Key Phrase: I must always strive for perfection. (The Virgin)


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