Wooden Stand Camel Large Salt Candle
April 3, 2017
16x Pink Salt Candle Holder Himalayan
April 5, 2017

Wood Stand Camel Large Globe Salt Candle


Large Wooden Stand Hand Carved Included Globe Salt Candle Holder.

Original Price £25.99 Special Offer £18.99

Hand Carved Large Camel Shape Display Stand & Candle Holder Made from Single Piece of Wood.

This incredible camel shape natural wooden display stand hand carved a single piece of wood will transform your home sweet home.

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Large Hand Crafted Camel Shape Natural Wooden Display Stand & Candle Holder – Ball Salt Candle Holder Included
Approx weight: 750g-850g

Height: 21cm

Width: 15cm

Item Code:C&C507

Price: £25.99

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